We exist to create and support national partnerships in Mobile Integrated Healthcare through education, open dialogue, business development, and community awareness.

A connected healthcare system where everyone receives the care they need.

During the 3rd annual MIH Summit in February of 2020, a diverse group of industry innovators felt the time was right to come together and form the Association of Mobile Integrated Healthcare Providers which would be involved in developing topics such as best practices in the industry of Mobile Integrated Healthcare, education, vendor relationships, conferences, and standardization within the industry. The desire is to have representation from diverse areas of the industry as well as diverse regions of the country. This will enable the Association to promote nationwide partnerships within the industry of Mobile Integrated Healthcare, help establish open dialogue with industry pioneers, and advance education, business development, and community awareness of the mobile integrated healthcare industry.


Reginald P. James, III     NREMT-P (ret.)


Randy E Bowers Th.G, EMTP/CP


Arthur Dixon Marlow, Jr    MBA

    Board Member:       Jim Adkins     BA,EMT-P/I,ACHE, NAEMT, NEMTAC, GTC

Board Member: Thomas Derkowski M.S.H.A., B.Sc., ACHE, EMS-I/C, CCEMT-P, FP-C

     Board Member:         G. Christopher Kelly ESQ.

Board Member: Timothy J. Nowak AAS, BS, NRP, CCEMTP, SPO, MPO, CADS

      Board Member:            Brandon Pate       MPH, CPH, CP-C, CCP-C

Board Member: Victoria Reinhartz PharmD, CPh

Board Member:  Andrew R. Ross   MHA, NRP, CP-C 

Board Member: Robert Wronski   MBA, CPM, CEMSO, NRP

Board Member:
Anne Margaret Perry

Board Member:
Scott Willits
B.Sc., EMS – I/C, NRP