Florida MIH Community Paramedicine Program Guidebook

The purpose of this Guidebook is to do just that – guide you through the research, analysis, planning, development, and successful launch of your own customized Florida Mobile Integrated Healthcare – Community Paramedicine (MIH-CP) Program. This resource is straight-forward and easy to read. In addition to guidance, it provides recommendations and lessons learned from MIH-CP programs in Florida, advice from experts across the country, with expanded resources and templates

Journal Watch: Can MIH Care Reduce Hospice Transports?

Hospice care aims to support patients and families at the end of life. EMS was designed to reduce death and disability. While the goals of these two fields may not perfectly align, EMS is often called to provide emergency care for hospice patients, even though EMTs and paramedics are not always sufficiently trained in communicating with families at such times. Moreover, EMS care most often results in transport to an ED, although for these patients an ED may not be the most appropriate destination.